Tony Aiken and Future 2000---Unity Sing It Shout It (Kimsha Records) 1976 USLP

According to the sleeve notes on this album the NY based group Tony Aiken and Future 2000 had their creative roots from the caribbean and NY. There seems to be two issues of this album which come in either a full picture sleeve or a plain 12" single sleeve although the track listing is the same on both issues. The track "Better Days" did have a release on 12" on two different labels KIMSHA and SHYRLDEN with both issues containing a track called "Soul Disco" on side B. The only other release I have by them is a 7" from 1975 with "Soul Disco" on one side b/w a great ballad that doesn't appear on the album.

The track "Good things" also had a single 7" releaes in the early 80s on Rota Records although i'm not sure if it was a later recording or different mix.