The Thompsons---I'll get over it (BCW) 1975

The Thompsons consisted of Lefty, Bill and Sylvester Thompson and Sandy Anderson. When this album was released they had already been singing together for 10 years since attending junior high school. The label on which the album had a release (BCW) originated out of Philadelphia and has been highly collectable in Japan for many years. Bootleg / reissue copies also surfaced after the albums original release. The songs vary from light funk to group soul ballads with strong vocal performances from the brothers.

The only other release that I know by them came in 1981 via a 7" single release on WMOT Records called "You brought love into my life".

If you have more info about this group (history / other releases / story behind the album / where abouts) then please email me at the address below.

Im also after a copy of thier WMOT single "You brought love into my life".