Kenny Long---I see the signs b/w It's better to love and lost (Brite Lite) 1987 US12

A solo release from what I believe to be one of the members of the group Mark IV better known for the songs "If you cant tell me something good" and "Signs of a dying love". This 1987 release contains the ballad "I see the signs" which I think is based around the 1977 OTB release of "Signs of a dying love" and the brilliant up tempo "It's better to love and lost" which although released in 1987 does have a slightly earlier 80s feel to it.

Unlike the 1982 Brite Lite release of "If you can't tell me something good" by Mark IV which was distributed by Emergency Records this release is totally independent.

Was Kenny Long a member of the Mark IV ?

If you know then please email me at the address below.